Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Baby Turtle Release


Join us in Puerto Escondido for an unforgettable adventure, help release baby turtles at our immersive camp. Discover the beauty of this hidden gem and connect with nature like never before. Reserve your spot today!


 Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min.

  Baby Turtle Release.

  Transportation: Goes to your hotel or airbnb.*within the city of Puerto Escondido).

  Bring your video or photo camera.


You can also customize your schedule if you wish, in a Private Tour

We take you to a hidden camp outside the port 10 minutes away where you participate and learn about the life of sea turtles and, in this way, we preserve the species by releasing it into the ocean where we connect you with nature and appreciate the sunset at the same time. time, you will spend 1: 30hrs in the turtle camp where you can send an explanation of the sea turtles.

When you take the tour automatically, you are contributing a donation to the camp.


Are you ready to live from this great experience, the natural wonders and the impressive sunsets? Come to Puerto Escondido, a coastal paradise that offers a unique experience of releasing baby turtles, camping under the stars, and witnessing breathtaking sunsets that will take your breath away.


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The magic of releasing baby turtles

Immerse yourself in the moving experience of participating in a baby turtle release in Puerto Escondido. Our dedicated team of conservationists work tirelessly to protect these precious creatures, and you can be a part of their efforts. Join us as we guide the adorable baby turtles out to sea, where they begin their incredible journey. It is an unforgettable moment of joy and hope.



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