Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Dolphin Watching


We go out to sea about 5 miles to try to locate one of the 4 species of dolphins that we have on these shores of Puerto Escondido


 Duration: 3 Hours.

We also provide you with a snorkeling equipment.
 Guide in Spanish and English.
  Transportation: Goes to your hotel or airbnb.*within the city of Puerto Escondido).
  Bring your video or photo camera.

You can also customize your schedule if you wish, in a Private Tour


Price and packages

For person

$ 1,000 MXN
  • Minimun 2 persons

Private tour

1-5 people
$ 5,500 MXN

Private toure

6-10 people
$ 7,500 MXN


A boat trip of approximately 3 hours will take you from the Bay of Puerto Angelito Puerto Escondido. Showing part of the coast of the port on its beaches, we go to the coast approximately 5 miles to locate herds of dolphins that visit us all year, Common species: spinner and spotted bottle nose.

You will have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, we provide you with Snorkells equipment if you wish.

On the way you will be able to spot turtles of the species, Golfina or black; as well as flying fish, Manta rays and other species of fish Also if you want to make a stop to dive The Embarcacion has: Seats, shade, life jackets


7:00 A.M.Departure
10:00 A.M. Aprox.Return

Frequent questions

Yes, on a private tour, contact us before booking!

Yes, you can swim during your visit to the lake, for safety it includes a life jacket

yes, only for private rent



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