Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca



This activity takes place in the bays of HUATULCO where you can enjoy a beautiful reef with different species of fish, you will be surprised by this beautiful jewel of Oaxaca.


  6 Hours.- Departure: 8 am, return: 3 pm.

Include Snorkeling equipment and guide

  Goes to your hotel or airbnb.*within the city of Puerto Escondido).

  Bring towel.
 Bring swimsuit.
  Bring sunscreen.

 Bring your video or photo camera.

You can also customize your schedule if you wish, in a Private Tour

This activity takes place 1 hour 45 minutes, trtransportation to Bahia La ENTREGA, where you can see colorful fish, sea urchin, starfish, mollusks, puffer fish, etc.

Later we will take you to a place where you can taste exquisite seafood or if you wish you can bring food, drinks and / or snacks (we lend you a cooler)


We have Snorkeling equipment rental

We accept payments


Credit or debit card

Cash (Dollars and pesos)

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