Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Sunset Cruise Boat


Rent a boat in Puerto Escondido and enjoy the sunset on the beach, we try to locate dolphins, turtles, flying fish.


 Duration: 2 : 30 Hours.

Boat rental (includes 5 passengers).

  Transportation: Goes to your hotel or airbnb.(*within the city of Puerto Escondido).
 Bring your video or photo camera.

 Sun Set.

Do you have doubts?

You walk along the coast of the hidden port on its beaches, we try to locate dolphins, turtles, Flying fish, if you are in season from December to March you could spot whales.



Would you like to live in Puerto Escondido for seasons or forever?

We can help you find a: Lot or land or House near the Sea that you like Depending on the area you like Get in contact with us

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